The year was 1993 and Bill Clinton had just taken office when the average price of gas was a $1.05 a gallon, and who could forget “Achy Breaky Heart” being played every 15 minutes for what seemed a lifetime. It’s was also the same year 4 time PRCA Champion Tuff Hedeman put on his first bull riding event called the Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge.

This event would go on to become legendary, and one of the ultimate invitations a bull rider will ever receive and in case you missed it, they just celebrated the 20th Annual Tuff Hedeman Challenge this past April and they did it in grand style taking the event back to where it all began at the Cowtown Coliseum in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.

I only bring this up to point out the fact the ''other' riding group had Tuff Hedeman in place as it's President and in my opinion made them what they are today. Let's face it, when it comes to bull riding Tuff Hedeman is one of the Kings and most of us who know anything about bull riding know the man is a legend.  The riders and stock are cut of the same cloth on both sides and the breeding history of the bucking stock within the CBR contractors is impeccable.

There are two bull riding organizations that are of professional status.  So, just like the NFL has a Superbowl with the champions of the AFC and the NFC for all the bragging rights let's pit the CBR with the PBR once a year for a "Superride" of all events.

Each will ride stock provided by the other group with blood lines handed down by the legends like Bodacious, Red Wolf,  Strawberry Wine,  Hollywood,  Moody Blues,  Dillinger and Wolfman.

How cool would that be!  And I will put my money on CBR stock any day of the week!

Seriously though, don't throw the CBR under the bus. These cowboys are tough as they come so don't let anyone fool you.  When you get to the ranks of professional bull riding these 1800 pound monsters are just as nasty and mean as any other stock out there which in turn provides for some extremely tough cowboys and I assure you that the top 4 CBR riders: Gustavo Pedrero,  Josh Barentine,  Luis Blanco and Tyler Adrian show that consistently.

Last but not least, the CBR finals are not in some glitzy city but rather held at the most respected place in the rodeo world:  Cheyenne Frontier Days...the Granddaddy of 'em All!

Tickets still available for the Carl's Junior Championship Bull Riding at the Budweiser Events Center this Saturday night. So, if your looking for some great professional bull riding that rivals no one...we'll see you Saturday.