I love my Harley. We have a very beautiful romance and I plan on spending the rest of my life with her...and my wife. We have had to endure a bit of a forced separation this summer though. I have not been able to ride her since late May due to an eye condition and it is about to make me even more insane. I've always been crazy but my Harley has kept me from going insane.

I have had work done on my cornea and it has been very very slow to heal. I went through a long period where I could barely see anything out of my right eye. I can now see but it is still very blurry and throws off my depth perception big time. It has been improving and the other day I thought I was ready to get on the bike and go for a putt to test out the eyeball. I got a few houses down the road from mine and nearly tipped over because it was like riding with beer goggles on. I was so disappointed I nearly wept.


Since I couldn't ride her safely, my grandson Zayden and I just washed her and sat on her revving the engine and pretending we were born to wild. This has been one of the most difficult summers I have ever gone through. I hate the heat and long days and the only thing that made that all better was being to able to jump on my scooter. I bet I wouldn't have as many mental problems as I have had this year if I were able to have the wind therapy I so desperately need. Those of you who ride will totally understand.

As much as it has killed me not to ride I know it is killing my bike not to be ridden. I need someone to come take my girl for spin. She deserves some time on the asphalt while I continue to heal. I MISS YOU DOROTHY!! We will be back together soon...I promise.