I am the one guy who always gets his order messed up. I have complained about this before but it keeps happening. Last time I griped about this someone told me they are the one it always happens to as well. He said he always opens his bag of food and says "I got rocks" like when all the kids got candy and Charlie Brown got nothing but rocks. I feel like that guy too.

We went out for ribs the other night which were advertised as "fall off the bone tender". I could not even cut through them with a knife. I bet a sabre tooth tiger would have lost its teeth on this unchewable flesh. Then just a couple nights ago we decided on fast food for dinner. My daughter went and picked up our order and passed it out to us. My order was of course not what I ordered but I came out ahead of my wife who opened the carton for her mushroom and swiss burger to find mushroom and swiss and a bun with no meat patty! How is heck can that happen?  How can not feel that the box was a good quarter pound light? I drove right back and brought it in. The manager was shocked and turned around to the kitchen and asked, "who made this burger?" I replied that no one did, there was no burger made. I got my money back and went home to my cold food. This could be a great weight loss system, never get what you want to eat.