Every year since I can remember we have trimmed the tree on Thanksgiving and I've wrapped presents up to just before they were opened. This year we waited a couple of weeks longer, but unlike last year, we DID put up a tree. And thanks to my long time friend, who is more like a sister, I suddenly am obsessed with matching my wrapping paper with my tree scheme. Oh bother!

D Dennison-TSM

This year I enlisted the help of my Zachariah, my Natasha and Anna (Zachariah's girlfriend) and I think Barley the cat and Sam the dog had a little say in the process too, Lily the handicapped kitty (now a cat, but she will always be a kitty to me) decided to watch from some hidden place in the living room.

D Dennison-TSM Zachariah, Sam and Natasha

And we can't forget the self named King of the Hill... (he does have quit the king of the hill personality)

D Dennison-TSM Barley

I am one of those tree trimmers that has two basic color schemes, blue and silver or red and gold. This year I actually asked my James which color scheme should we go with and he said gold and red, likely my favorite, and so it was/is.

D Dennison-TSM Zachariah and Anna

Zachariah and Natasha are perfectionists, don't know where that comes from, the balls and other bling has to all coordinate, there's no just slinging thing's on the tree, as you can tell by this intense picture above as Anna watches Zachariah carefully place another ornament. :P

D Dennison-TSM Zachariah and Natasha

The only problem now, now that I decided the gift wrap has to be metallic gold and red, I can't find anymore... why is that bad you ask, because I am so OCD with stuff like this that I can actually see me not wrapping another gift and just making them close their eyes so that I don't mess up my tree... and you think I'm kidding.

Merry Christmas!