Most of you know I am a huge supporter of our Military and all their might.  I don't hold one branch as being any better than the other or any war more important than another.  Well, I take that back.  When it comes to wars, I have the most respect for those who did their time in the Nam.


I know for many of us, it's hard to imagine treating soldiers with anything but the utmost respect and honor but in the early 70's, we spit on them!  Called them "baby killers," and worse.

Thankfully, things have changed.

I know many who were in Vietnam, some close personal friends, and I have the most respect for those guys.  In fact I never go past a veteran of any kind without going out of my way to shake their hand.  But if I see it's a Vietnam Vet, I will go to great lengths to shake their hand and to tell them thank you.  I even had one gentleman in Taco Bell break down at my gesture a couple years ago.  He told me it was one of the single nicest things someone had ever done for him which I thought odd.  It was just a handshake and thank you but to this man, it obviously meant much more.

So, please take a moment and plan a visit to the travelling Vietnam Memorial Wall this coming May 22nd through the 27th. The wall will be set up and placed at The Veterans Plaza  in Fort Collins located at 2626 W. Horsetooth Rd.

The Veterans Plaza pays homage to ALL U. S. Military Service Members with honorable service, past, present, and future. Any veteran, from any state, maybe listed on the wall for no charge.

The Plaza is located at Spring Canyon Community Park in Fort Collins, Colorado, on three acres of land at the main entrance to the park which is on Horsetooth Road at the west end of town.  The plaza has paths, native rock, shade trees, and a stage for celebrating the liberties and freedoms that have been safeguarded by generations of American service members.