Pets get lonely too, it's a true story, here's a couple of ways to help your lonely fur kid.

Ashley and Colton with Sam D Dennison


  • Exercise is key, think about taking him for a walk, even if very short before you leave for work each morning, you'll both benefit
  • If you have a friend or family member that could stop by in the middle of the day, that would really go a long way in improving your fur kids disposition
  • Make sure that she has plenty of toys and that you rotate them regularly or buy new toys every so often to keep their interest
  • Challenge their senses with things like watching Animal Planet or something soothing, and don't forget to leave a shade open so they can see outside
  • Make play dates when possible, meet your friends for brunch at a place that allows pets and has a patio, they like to get out too.

As you may know, a healthy minded pet is a healthy pet in general.