I know almost more people that don't celebrate St. Valentines Day that do, a lost holiday. Many think that it is purely commercialism and refuse to be forced into be 'forced' into showing their love with over priced flowers and trinkets. Well I am here to say, while there are really cool gifts for purchase, you can always choose to go back in time when you were first dating and leave your love a special note. I know that my James and I used to always leave each other notes, when he went on business trips I'd put a note in his luggage, time and life have taken this from us, or more aptly put, we let life and time takes these from us, almost as if we just gave it away. Here are some great Valentines gifts, the Top 5. (but that doesn't mean you can't get creative and think outside the box.



  • Mac and Cheese Movie Night: a Romantic Comedy Like Hitch or Notting HIll
  • Watches: a timeless gift for a timeless love
  • A simple dinner, just the two of you and Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Tickets to a Dinner Theater or some other unexpected activity that you have talked about buy haven't yet found the time
  • A coupon book made by you for them, like when you were a kid and it was Fathers Day or Mothers Day with coupons for free foot rubs, massages, etc.


It's just about making it special for both of you with things you both like and that doesn't mean spending money.  Happy Valentines Day!