Todd Harding, TSM

A great 2-hour hike at the north end of Horsetooth Reservoir is on the Reservoir Ridge Natural Area in North Fort Collins. My wife, Jenny, and our house guest from Italy, Beatrice, went for a walk on the trail on Saturday. What they didn't expect was to see a rattlesnake, even though there is a sign at the trail head that issues a warning!

The snake was small. It was probably a baby, but I have heard that baby rattlesnakes are just as venomous as adults. I know if I had been on the walk, a snake of any size would encourage me to run in the opposite direction. Jenny and Bea didn't run. They patiently waited for the snake to leave the trail while they snapped a few photos.

Bea even snapped a selfie to show they survived their snake encounter.

Beatrice Del Sal, For TSM

O.K. Here is the snake. If you are not looking for the little guy, you might even miss him. It still scares the bajeebers out of me. Don't let the fact that there are snakes on the trail dissuade you from using the Reservoir Ridge Trail. It's still a good hike and a beautiful view at the top.

Beatrice Del Sal, For TSM

Here is a little more incentive to take the walk at Reservoir Ridge. Check out the view from the top!

Jenny Harding, For TSM