I have struggled for a couple years now about homeschooling my youngest child who has found school a constant struggle for many reasons and I only want the best for my child and I am not sure, for him, the public school system is the way to go...for many reasons.

My biggest concern was the 'social interaction' but today I find myself not thinking it's a big concern considering my child is finishing the 7th grade and has many friends and has been interacting socially all his life up to this point and will still have all those same friends to hang out with.

In fact, in all the research I have done I realize that there are way more pro's than con's in our situation and I am curious how you feel about the homeschool issue.  I would love to hear from each side to better make a decision from those of you who have done it or trying it.

I won't go into all the personal reasons but the school and school system itself is a large concern and the lack of trying to fix the real problems that affect many kids these days goes largely ignored and when they say 'no child left behind' isn't all it's cracked up to be in my opinion because my child was left behind long ago.  I'm not blaming teachers etc because they have a whole room of kids to teach and those who can't keep up, don't!

I'm not blaming the 'system' for doing what they do because that's their job but who is actually deciding that teaching linear equations to a 5th grader is a good use of time?

The fact remains that even though I went through the public school system I also agree that not every child can do so successfully and perhaps my child is one of them?  I don't see it as giving up on the 'system' but rather me making sure I do whatever I have to in order to get him through school with a diploma and a potential college education.

There is a great support system in place with family members willing to help and teach various subjects and I am just struggling with what the right thing to do is.

What say you?  I will value your comments but I do NOT want everyone badgering the others on their answers.  Just because you may believe one way or the other does not mean the other side is wrong but facts show that homeschooled children test through the roof when previously getting F's in school and of all the homeschooled kids I know they are all top notch kids.  I just don't see many cons to the issue in our case.