Jennifer Finch/Weld County Office of Commissioners

If you hear a tornado siren on Saturday, don't worry, it just a test....unless of course it's a real tornado. Then we suggest you seek cover and tune your radio to K99 for the latest details.  However, that is unlikely.  The Weld County Office of Emergency Management, in coordination with some local communities, will conduct a test of the emergency warning siren system in Weld County at 10:00 AM on Saturday, May 18th. The test will last for several minutes to make sure the sirens are working properly.

The siren system is used to alert people who are outside to seek shelter in the event of severe weather, especially the imminent approach of a tornado.


The locations testing their sirens on Saturday are: Ault, Pierce, Grover, Nunn, New Raymer, Kersey, Milliken, Evans, Gilcrest, Platteville, Hudson, Keenesburg, Severance and Lochbuie. Johnstown and Ft Lupton have already tested their sirens.


For more information on preparing for severe weather, please  contact Roy Rudisill at 970-304-6540.

[Weld County Office of Emergency Management]