I love the show "The Voice" but was very disappointed last night. They have great musical performances but last night they had the whole cast of finalists sing the classic "Will The Circle Be Unbroken." I love that song and was ready to sing along but they left out a word and it threw me off. We all know the words go "will the circle be unbroken, by and by lord by and by" but not last night. They left out the word "lord". Really? Would anyone really have been offended by singing the actual lyrics of the song? If they questioned it all they should have chosen another song.

I think it was ridiculous. What if Travis Tritt were on and wanted to sing "Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man"? I understand that some believe and some don't, that is not the point. The song was written with the word in it and never should have been done without it, that is my point. I love the show but you will never get me to say that was okay. Check it out for yourself here.

Here is how is should be done.