There are some things I absolutely cannot live without.  Some of those things are even embarrassing...and I don't get embarrassed easily. I don't have normal addictions like alcohol, drugs, or smoking. However,  I have come up with the "Top 5 Things I Am Ashamed To Say I Am Addicted To".

5. Nose Spray

This is probably the most serious addiction I have.  I honestly can't breathe without using nose spray every day.  I know I shouldn't use it all the time. My doctor has even told me so, but I really can't live without it.

Todd Harding, TSM

4. Ice Cream

I am not fat by mistake. I love sugar...A LOT!  I especially love ice cream. I could eat it every single day.  I go through stretches when I do. That's when my clothing starts to stretch.  It seems like I can never stay skinny.  I blame myself, but I also blame the deliciousness of ice cream.

Jenny Harding, For TSM

3. Reality TV Shows

Must see TV for me are those stupid "Reality" shows.   My wife and I watch Survivor, The Bachelor, The Amazing Race, and The Biggest Loser, but it is really me who insists on watching those shows.  She would be just as happy only watching shows like "Downton Abbey" and "The Good Wife".  I honestly can't miss Survivor or The Bachelor. If I do, I have to watch them On Demand.

Survivor, Facebook

2. Lotion

Just living in the dry Colorado climate my hands and body are constantly robbed of their essential oils.  I can’t imagine being a situation with no way to moisturize my skin.  It may make me sound like a wussy girly man, but I need my lotion.  I would gladly give up my guy card for a bottle of lotion.

Todd Harding, TSM

1. My iPhone & iPad

I am addicted to my iPad and my iPhone. There is a game called "Secret Passages". I am obsessed with playing that game, but my real addiction is "Words With Friends".  I am actually addicted to all things to do with my iPad and my iPhone.  I am constantly checking my e-mail or my Facebook.  I am always talking with Siri. If I am not texting or tweeting, I am looking up something on-line.  Simply put, my iPhone has become the most important non-human thing in my life. I was one of the last people I know to get a cell phone. Now I can't live without it.

Jenny Harding, For TSM