Want to make someone's day? Want to get more productivity out of your staff? Want your kids to help out more? Tell them they are doing a good job. There are many ways to motivate people. Some people are motivated by money, some by the possibility of advancement or some other carrot but we all respond to praise.

We all go through our days thinking that if the boss hasn't talked to us we must be doing okay. For many the only time you hear from your superiors is when you mess up. Isn't it nice when you get an unexpected memo thanking you for doing a good job? I love the pat on the back more than anything. When someone shows that they appreciate what I am doing it makes me want to do it ever better. All most of us want is to be acknowledged for what we do.

Go out of your way today to pat some backs. Tell your kids they are doing awesome. Tell your employees they are kicking butt and you notice. Tell your server at lunch that they are doing a wonderful job today. Let's not wait until something is messed up to communicate, praise the good today.