You hear about it all the time, beautiful country singers falling for young, skinny DJ's with deep voices... Ok maybe not, but that could change tonight. It is a common happening for bets to take place in the K99 studio, but the most recent bet between Todd Harding and myself has a lot riding on it, one million doughnuts! If I can get just a single date with up and coming country singer Maggie Rose, who will be at the Boot Grill in Loveland tonight, I win one million doughnuts from Todd. If I fails Todd gets a single doughnut courtesy of me. Game on!

Join Todd and I tonight to see how the proposal goes as K99 presents – The “New from Nashville” concert series at the Boot Grill in Loveland.

The FREE acoustic performance is at The Boot Grill (4164 Clydesdale just east of Crossroads Blvd. and I-25) tonight from 5:30 to 7pm.

Maggie will even be signing autographs after the show.

Be sure to tune into the show tomorrow morning to find out the results. But until then let us know what you think...

DISCLAIMER: This game is all for fun, and not meant to upset anyone. After all, who would really want to date someone who cant be your mama every once in awhile!