There are some artists that fit into any genre. The ones whose music is loved and appreciated by fans of country, rock, soul, folk, jazz or whatever else you can come up with. Charlie Daniels is one of those guys. Charlie and his music are respected by most everyone in the business over the last 5 plus decades.

Charlie Daniels is celebrating his 80th year on this earth today and the earth is a better place because he has been here. Charlie is one of the men I most admire in this business. He has always been so kind to us through the years by being a huge part of the 28 Hours of Hope. He has lent his powerful voice and given money to our cause countless times and when Charlie talks, you stop and listen.

Here are a few of clips of Charlie and his boys to help celebrate his big day. Thanks for being who you are and being unafraid to speak your mind sir. Happy birthday Charlie.