Don't let that adorable 'puppy' sway you, he has pure guilt on his face. It isn't often that I share anything gross, maybe personal, but not gross. This is the grossest thing I've seen in a long time, up close and personal.

The Grossest Thing I've Seen D Dennison

This morning when I come downstairs to make some coffee, what do I catch out of the corner of my eye? Yep, my beloved Sam chomping away on a bunny! What? I was mortified, I called him in as soon as I saw this carnage.

Sam is a lover, he is always there to hug you and play with you, anytime, he is an American Eskimo after all. To think that he can be a brutal killer of a bunny is horrible. I know that it is primal and something that happens in nature, but my Sam. I had a dog once that used to catch pheasants, but she never pierced the skin and always brought them to the door step, uneaten.

I have contacted my James and he has assured me that he will clean it up when he gets home. I told him that I cleaned Sam, his mouth and paws were bloody, that's just gross. But I can't go do the poor bunny clean up, even knowing there are little pests when it comes to our lawn and garden, their just so cute.

I'm not sure that this is how a good day starts, but it is what it is. What's the grossest thing you dog has gotten into? Somehow eating cat poop is so much more preferred, I think that I would actually encourage that now so I never have to see this again. Yes, I am delusional and that is okay by me, let me think that my beautiful Sam will never do this again. Wish the foxes would come back.