Ever since I have had my illness I have had to count on people to help me. I find asking for help the most difficult thing in the world. I hate having to rely on someone else and I hate asking for help. It really bothers me to not be self sufficient. I hate having to rely on my wife to take care of my wound, I hate not being able to do the basic chores of life and the simplest things, like being able to wear jeans yet.

One of my favorite chores that I am missing out on is getting to mow my lawn. My wife decided she would get it done last weekend and wheeled the mower out to the front yard. She got one strip done and then the engine seized up. My front yard looks like it has a reverse mohawk. We need to take the mower in for repairs but until then my yard looks like punk rockers haircut. I mentioned it to Susan at dinner the other night and she and her husband said they would load up their mower and come cut it for us this past weekend.

Brian Gary, TSM

It was a good plan but when Dr. Bob went to go start the mower before bringing it over, their mower was fried too. He called and told me the news and we prepared for another week of an ungroomed lawn. Susan then dropped me a message saying she could bring her horse Lily over to eat some grass, which made me giggle. It was about an hour later that I saw her truck pull up with a horse trailer and Lily inside. I hollered to my wife, who was in the shower, that Susan and Lily were here. She couldn't believe it either. My grandson Zander nearly jumped out of his pants to see a horse walking into his front yard. He immediately jumped on and turned Lily into the coolest riding lawn mower ever. What a great way to start a day!!! Thank you Susan for bringing such joy to our family and the whole neighborhood. I still need a lawn mowing but not as much as before. Lily did a great job. I am so lucky to have such great friends of the human and animal variety.