There are dangers lurking out there. Things you never thought of as dangerous but will creep up and bite you. Parents know of these dangers and do what they can do to prevent them but sometimes injury is just inevitable. I, of course am talking about the dangers of Lego blocks and little green army men. This morning as I was walking to the fridge to do my insulin shot I was attacked in the foot region by the soldier pictured above. I can tell you that stepping on an army man will wake you up quicker than a cup of coffee. I have also had my foot lacerated by a Lego block or two in my day and that is quite unpleasant as well.

I am convinced that I could save the defense department a boatload of money. We could get rid of all missiles and bombs and just equip our armed forces with a bucket of Lego's and a sack of green army men and circle the perimeter where hostiles are and they will never get out.

I will recover in a week or two from my injuries sustained in the unprovoked attack this morning but a bigger question needs to be answered. Was this an accident or was this soldier given orders to attack or perhaps placed in this spot by another to purposely cause injury. I am interrogating my wife, daughter and grandson first then I will turn my attention to the pugs. I will get to the bottom of this.