Our cats are Lily and Barley, both brown tiger (medium hair/domestic) cats. Lily doesn't say much, she is our handicapped prize that belonged to Ashley (our youngest daughter). Barley is my rough and rowdy, giant pawed baby, and he talks to me a lot. Lily makes this little chirping noise when she is looking outside and frequently comes to my protection when Sam (our 14 year old American Eskimo/dog) is pretending he's my sous chef when I am cooking dinner and I ask him to go lie down in the living room, if he doesn't listen she chases him out with a curled back and a gentle but powerful hiss. Barley, although a boy, is a princess. He meows all the time, with purpose. I have always suspected and guessed well at what he was trying to say, now I'm pretty sure that I'm right. What does your cats meow mean?

D Dennison-TSM


  • The common meow: has many meaning's, primarily to get your attention. When they meow they're asking for fresh water, food, petting, hey clean my cat box or look at this tasty mouse I caught for you. Each meow actually can be broken down even further to find out exactly what they want; such as a short meow is a basic greeting, a drawn out meow means they want something and a low meow is a complaint. (by the way it is believed by most that a cat really only meows/talks to humans, they have other ways of talking to each other)
  • Clicking/Chirping: can mean that your cat is watching his prey, even through a window
  • Hiss: well imagine a word that might rhyme with hiss and you'll understand clearly what your cat is saying.
  • Purr: most commonly heard when your cat is comfortable and content, happy, but there are times when that purr means something more. A purr can mean that your cat is in pain or uncomfortable, watch them and see if you can tell if the purr is actually something more.


  • When your cat stares at you and kind of squints or slowly blinks he is showing you affection
  • Turning over on her back and squiggling around means she trusts you
  • Kneading you could be telling you that he loves you
  • The head bump is like a handshake and show of admiration
  • That gurgling when you pet her might mean that she wants to talk and she likes the attention

Maybe now you and your cat can have a better relationship, just keep in mind that most cats really don't give two cents about anything but themselves, so should you get some of these affectionate gestures, give in and bond with your friend.