I'm rotting for this guy, you should too. Story in comments. Brian Banks.

I wrote a story just over a year ago about Brian Banks and his false conviction and what lies ahead in his future.  As it turns out, the latest update is one of success and a 2.6 million dollar bill for his false accuser.

Brian Banks was a blue chip high school linebacker from Long Beach back in 2002 who many believed would be the next big thing at the linebacker position.  It was Pete Carroll who was the most interested when he was at USC and really wanted Banks to become a Trojan.

Todd Kirkland, Getty Images

Then, it all came crashing down when he was accused of rape, went to trial, convicted and spent 5 years in prison and another 5 years on probation only to finally get his accuser on tape last year to admit she lied about the whole thing.  This week, the school district that she sued is suing back. She was originally awarded over $1.6 million but now the Long Beach school district wants it back plus a possible $1 million in punitive damages.  I hope they get it, if they can find her.

So as it turned out, last year, Pete Carroll gave Banks a chance to make the Seattle Seahawks team and even though he didn't, he impressed many scouts not only for Seattle but 3 other teams as well.

Not bad for never having played a down of college football!

2013 would be different. Almost a year to the day, Banks finally had his dream realized when he signed a contract with the Atlanta Falcons and will be wearing #53 and playing linebacker. Talk about determination and my #1 guy to watch this year is Brian Banks.