It's like by a force of nature, a habit I don't even understand that I always twirl the stem off of my apples before eating them, do you remember why we used to do that?

D Dennison-TSM

I take off the sticker, I wash the apple and then I twirl the stem off while saying A-B-C-D... and keep going until the stem breaks off. I want to say that we did that, as girls, and the letter that the stem broke off on was the first initial of the boy we would marry or something insane like that, do you remember?

Time to search the internet... as I hear on a silly TV commercial these days, they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true... lol and if that's the case me and George Strait have some Ocean Front Property (in Arizona) to sell you...

Okay, where were we... oh, why do I twirl the stem off the apple... well, here goes:

Folklore and superstitions about love and romance from around the world and through the ages

The list is approximately alphabetical with folklore about certain dates, like Christmas, at the end.

(Although the majority of love folklore is written about women seeking love the folklore will also work for men seeking mates.)

Take an apple and begin to twist the stem while reciting the alphabet ...the letter it stops on when the stem falls off will be the initial of your own true love. A variation of this is if you are trying to decide between more then one love. Repeat their names in order as you twist the stem and the name you end with as the stem falls off will be the person you will wed.

So, now we know and it must be true!