The 28 Hours of Hope is a very special time for all of us here at K99, but we wanted to give you a special look at what goes on behind the scenes. Some of it's humorous, some of it's serious and some of it is downright heartbreaking on a day like today. We'll bring you bits of it all throughout the 28 Hours of Hope as it happens.The first of those being Brian & Todd's bathroom visits during the 28 hours. Brian is already boasting "Over 1 Trip Per Hour" and Todd is happily standing by laughing and keeping a tally. If anything kills him in the next 28 hours, it's going to be his urinary tract!

Meanwhile Brian is frantically getting his candles and Lysol spray ready for Todd's first "release." Any of you who have been around Todd might know that he's got what he calls a "medical condition" that he claims is uncontrollable. Todd keeps joking that "after 28 hours this room gets really funky," much to Brian's dismay. Trust us when Todd leaves a restroom there's a 30 minute waiting period and all of the guys in the office flock to the

One a more serious note, with it being the 15th annual event, Brian and Todd have been very touched by the outpouring of donations that have already come in so far. The tears have already begun to flow and we're sure they will continue throughout the day. Thank you to everyone for your support and please it you haven't already, consider making a donation to help local kids in Northern Colorado.