Wow! What an unforgettable World Series we just witnessed. This was everything that is great about sports. Two great teams who had not tasted a championship in many many decades and two outstanding fan bases. This was a win for sports fans everywhere. The Cubs may have won but the Indians can hold their heads high. This was sports theater at it's best.

I was riveted to every pitch for the whole series. It was so fitting that game 7 went extra innings and was one of the greatest World Series games I have ever watched. This series made me fall in love with baseball all over again. I sat up until about 11 o'clock, which is unheard of for this morning guy, and watched with my daughter and wife. They usually could care less about sports but even they were standing up and hollering at the TV. For one beautiful night we were all sports fans watching the game we all grew up loving and playing.

Thank you Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians for playing the game with all the talent, poise and class in the world. It was a great example of what sports and athletes should be. I already can't wait for next year. Play ball!!