Bullying is a bad thing no matter how you slice it up but it's the term "bullying" that I think some may have an issue with. Getting beat down on a football field does not qualify, in my humble opinion, but one parent thinks it does.

The incident in question happened last Friday in Texas when Aledo High School blanked Western Hills High 91-0.  One parent was so upset he actually filed a "bullying" report with the school district.  True story.

Aledo has been an elite football squad for many years winning many championships along the way.  Western Hills hasn't.  They are a much smaller school and to be honest, should be in a different league.  Western Hills coach John Naylor said after the blowout,

I think the game was handled fine. They're No. 1 for a reason, and I know coach Buchanan. We're fighting a real uphill battle right now. We just ran into a buzzsaw, you know, and Aledo just plays hard. And they’re good sports, and they don’t talk at all. They get after it, and that’s the way football is supposed to be played in Texas.

Aledo Coach Tim Buchanan felt horrible about the whole thing, but what was he supposed to do?  He said what any coach would after the game by saying he wasn't going to just tell his kids to lay down and quit playing.  He did however tell his squad at the beginning of the game to fair catch everything and played 2nd and 3rd string guys the entire game.  He even had some players play positions they never had before.  Coach Buchanan did everything in his power to not run up the score and was obvious to all in attendance.

And to be fair, Aledo who is 7-0 on the season, has beaten it's opponents this year by an average of 77 points.

So why would anyone file an official report on bullying is beyond me. In fact, if I were one of those boys on the Western Hills team, I think I would be more embarrassed a parent filed a bullying report than getting beat by 91 points.