Just over a week ago, Austin Rekhow, a Senior placekicker from Central Valley High in Washington grabbed national attention by nailing a 67-yard field goal to send the game into overtime. (See two different views of the kick below.) Now comes along an 8th grader who can kick 60+ too.

Yes, an 8th grader. Check out the video below to see the Texas middle school student kick a 63 yard screamer in practice.  Even though it's not in a game situation, this still impresses me a great deal. No, he's not a behemoth of a kid, just a regular sized 14 year old...which is what impresses me most.

Just the fact that a 14 year old could kick a football this high and accurate is amazing.  He's in the 8th grade!  Did I mention that?

Leave it to Texas to go big on football.  I would say this young man has not only a promising future for the pressure packed Class 5A Texas division next year but by the time he gets to college and and perhaps the pro's, the bar will be set at 70 yards.

Where are the Colorado kickers?  If you know of a local athlete that deserves some kudo's pass them my way. No pun intended...