You realize there are kids and adults out there that have no idea that we can grow our own food? People are so out of touch that they think you need a grocery store to survive. We need to make sure we teach our kids what farming is all about and you can do that with a simple family garden. The lessons they learn and the joy it brings them is priceless.

We got some horse manure from Susan awhile back and told our grandson Zander that if we put it on the dirt and planted some seeds that we could grow food to eat. He thought that was a super idea. We planted cucumbers, pumpkins, tomatoes and a few other things. This has been greater than any toy we have ever gotten him. He is out there at the garden every day watering and checking to see how much things grew. There is noting like seeing the joy in his eyes when he is able to harvest something he grew and eat it. You don't need lots of money for toys and gadgets there is plenty of fun waiting for you right there in your yard. Teach your children that we have the ability to take care of and provide for ourselves. We all need to learn to hunt, gather and grow for ourselves. Your kids will thank you for it.