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Who is the Worst Singer to Win American Idol? [POLL]
It was just announced the other day that American Idol will shut it down next year after what will be it's 15th season. Idol has had quite a run and has been a great show for years. I loved it when it started and it has had it's highs and lows but I feel the current crop of judges may be t…
Who is the King of Late Night TV? [POLL]
An era of television is coming to an end. David Letterman will hanging up his microphone on the 20th of May. He will have some great guests leading up to his departure including former President Clinton on Tuesday and Oprah on Friday.
Do You Currently Own or Plan on Owning a Gun? [POLL]
Country music and firearms seem to go together. There are so many country fans who are gun enthusiasts as well. They seem to fit together. A lot of country artists like to sing about their love of their guns and how you would have to pry them from their cold dead hands.

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