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Is a Double-Yolked Egg Lucky or Unlucky? [POLL]
My wife and I have been making a lot of deviled-eggs lately and recently we found a double-yolked boiled egg.  We still made it into a deviled-egg anyway.  My wife was told by a friend that they are good luck, so I looked it up. I got conflicting reports...
Who Was the Greatest President of All Time? [POLL]
Today is President's Day. Today we celebrate all the great men who have led this country through the centuries. There have been president's who have been loved, some hated, some respected, some who couldn't be trusted and some who were inspiring above and beyond the call of duty.
What Form of Soap Do You Use in the Shower? [POLL]
This morning I was getting ready for work when confusion took over my brain. I was using one of the many liquid soaps my wife has on the ledge in the shower and couldn't decide if I was to eat it, drink it, pour it in a potpourri cooker or lather myself up.

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