Grad Tries To Sell His Law Degree On Craigslist For $210,000
A lot of college degrees actually are useful in the real world - for example, I studied Music Business at Full Sail University. Now I get to play and talk about music on the radio for a living! However, not everyone is so lucky.
A Florida law grad, who's drowning in so much debt, tried to sell h…
Hungry Burglar Caught After Leaving DNA On Beef Jerky
If you're going to have a snack while robbing a house, make sure you finish eating it. This burglar didn't do that, and he (of course) got caught.
Kristian Dee Evans, 33, stopped for a snack halfway through raiding the home of a 22-year-old student from Hong Kong in South Wales but made the…
College Student Returns $690 Million Check
Because his late father was an Air Force veteran, 22-year-old Allen Smith gets a check from the VA every month. The $650 helps pay his college expenses but, like many students, he could always use some more.
He got a lot more earlier this month, when he opened his VA check and was staring right at th…