Dixie Chicks

Dixie Chicks Announce a Tour Together
The Dixie Chicks will return to Canada this fall for their first tour of the country in seven years. The group announced the 2013 Long Time Gone Tour on Monday (Aug. 19). The run includes nine dates between Oct. 26 and Nov. 10.
What Song Fits you Today? [VIDEO]
Tuesday, I could have sworn 'My Give a Damn's Busted' was my theme song, today I'm still trying to decide. What song fits you today? Please don't tell me it's the last one on my list.
Dixie Chicks’ ‘Home’ Album Turns 10
The Dixie Chicks were already flying high following the massive commercial success of their first two major label albums, when the Texas-based trio released their highly-anticipated third record. ‘Home,’ which hit store shelves on August 27, 2002, fell under the Chicks’ label impri…

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