Colorado Rockies

Rockies Sweep in Milwaukee
The Colorado Rockies are off to a fantastic start of their 2015 season, as they swept the series last night in Milwaukee, taking the win against the Brewers in extra innings.
Colorado Rockies Star Troy Tulowitzki to Have Season Ending Surgery
As if this Colorado Rockies season wasn't going bad enough between the owner being a jerk to fans and the team struggling on the field once again, now the team's superstar player, Troy Tulowitzki, is done for the year as he will have surgery on his left hip Friday (August 14) in Vail.
The DJ at Coors Field Deserves a Raise
If you follow Colorado Rockies baseball at all, you most likely heard about the San Francisco Giants announcer who accused the Rockies shortstop, Troy Tulowitzki, of cheating by stealing signs from the other teams at Coors Field. Thursday (May 22nd) the DJ at the Rockies home park made great light o…
Todd Helton Arrested For DUI
He has always been a guy that was hard to cheer against, and even more fun to cheer for as a Colorado Rockies fan. Todd Helton has been one of the best hitters in baseball history, and a great guy off the field too. Seems that both of those things are slowly changing. With age Helton is be…
Meet the Colorado Rockies New Manager, Walt Weiss
If you have followed the Colorado Rockies since they joined Major League Baseball in 1993, the name Walt Weiss probably sounds familiar. That's because Weiss was the Rockies shortstop from 1994-97. Now that name will become even more familiar to Rockies fans as Weiss has been named the 6th mana…
It’s Finally Over, the Worst Season In Colorado Rockies History
I think back to this last March, and I sure am happy with one certain decision I made. There was a buddy of mine who approached me about buying a good portion of his season tickets to the Colorado Rockies. Because there is nothing I rather do during the summer than drink lemonade at Coors Field I co…

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