This is the Best Bacon Burger in Colorado
One thing is always a certain when I order a burger, it always has to have bacon on it.... ALWAYS. There is something about putting meat candy on a piece of beef that has been smothered in cheese that makes it all that much better. Where is the best bacon burger in the state of Colorado...
Bacon Reserves at a 50 Year Low
Say it ain't so! Not the bacon... Please not the bacon.
The nursery rhyme "This Little Piggy" comes to mind when hearing about the bacon reserves. This little piggy went to market... Actually, not enough of them are going to the market since pig farmers cannot keep up with the …
How Much Does Colorado Love Bacon?
A day isn't compleat without bacon, and with bacon being found in more and more food dishes, where do you think Colorado ranks when it comes to our love of bacon?
Bad News For Bacon Lovers From The World Health Organization
If you love bacon (like any normal person does), I feel bad having to deliver this piece of bad news to you - bacon and other processed meats cause cancer, and red meat probably contributes to it, too.
From 800 studies, scientists from the World Health Organization conclude that you face a real risk …

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