This blog is from 6 years ago, but if you are considering a'll likely find these pictures to be insightful. Now, all these years later I am still glad I did this.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011 is a day I'd been preparing for all of my adult life.  I knew in my 20's there would be a price to pay for living in the sun, but hey, that's where the fun is...beaches, poolsides, horses, flower gardens, pretty much just being outdoors, and feeling that glorious warmth on my that did really well up until I turned 53.  I remember that birthday in particular because it was the first I noticed I just looked 'tired'.  SO, I pulled up a lawn chair in the pasture with my horses (in the sun) and started seriously making a plan.

The 'smile' lines I'd earned around my eyes and mouth could be considered charming, but the jowls, waddle and those little creases around my lips were causing concern.   Expensive facials and products were not going to fix what I wanted fixing.  I set out to find the best plastic surgeon for my needs, and that's when I met Dr. Schutte.  The face lift was amazingly easy for me and even wrapped up in ace bandages and all puffy, I see improvement daily.  I am so grateful that all went so well.

At my age, I can say that Dr. Schutte is an absolute doll and so is his RN Warren.   They are cute, cute, cute!!! For example, the procedure was done under a local anesthetic so I was numb but aware of my surroundings.  I got to choose the music from their IPod.  I thought for sure I'd stump these youngsters with a request for 'Gords Gold'...not only did they HAVE this 1975 album, they sang along and knew every word.  There was such a comfort level much like when I put my favorite music on in my barn and 'work' with my equine angels....MORE TO COME about Susan's Face Lift.

The photo below is with Tracy Walker, at the radio station where we both work.