**UPDATE: As of early Sept. 13th, the city of Loveland reports that Wilson Avenue, the last road linking northern and southern Loveland, has been closed due to worsening flood conditions.  In other words, the surging Big Thompson River officially has split Loveland in two.**

As water levels keep rising, Loveland residents are facing the very real possibility that they soon won't be able to use their bridges, effectively cutting one side of the town off from the other.

The flooding in Estes Park forced the Department of Reclamation to open the Olympus Dam, allowing water to flow into Big Thompson Canyon at a rate of 2,500 cubic feet per second.  That's when water levels in the river began to rise to the height of some Loveland bridges.

About the same time (as the dam release), city of Loveland officials closed the Big Thompson River bridge at First Street, and other crossings to the west have been closed as well.

Officials say the heavy rainfall, combined with the drainage from Lake Estes, could force them to close additional bridges in Loveland.