Good idea or bad idea?  Steven Seagal becomes Governor of Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio is named as Lieutenant Governor.  What could go wrong?

Oh sure, it's been done already. But this could be a Wild Wild West thing!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura gave it a shot so why not Seagal. The action film star currently lives in Arizona and has actually had a ringing endorsement from his well known boss, Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.  Deputy Sheriff Seagal is also a part of Arpaio’s “posse” which is a group comprised of 3,000 unpaid civilians that brings illegal immigrants to justice.

Sound like a movie?

Although Seagal has a reality TV show in the works with Sheriff Arpaio, he said if he did run for office, his top priority would be to do something about the rampant illegal immigration across their border.

I think that across these borders any kind of terrorism can come, and does come - Steven Seagal

All I know is I believe him when he says his focus would be on illegal immigration. I would imagine Arizona would be the last place an illegal immigrant would want to live with Seagal and Sheriff Joe calling the shots. There are some questions about his residency status for the State so we'll see if he even meets the requirements.

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