If you have sat around a table with friends or messaged each other in the last few weeks, surely someone has said "the whole state of Colorado seems to be on fire". Other comments probably include that it's only June, here we go again. It is true, it does seem like we have had our share of fires this year and the recovery is going to take a long time and a lot of money.


The Statewide Wildfire Fundraiser will take place tomorrow, Thursday the 20th of June (2013) from 4:30pm till 7:30pm. This phone bank fundraiser will benefit the
American Red Cross of Colorado.


The American Red Cross is grateful for the support of the community, statewide so far, but remind us all that the fire season has only just begun and to assure that they are prepared for what may still be waiting for us as the fire season continues they seek your monetary help.All donations during the Red Cross 2013 Colorado Wildfires Fundraiser will support ongoing Red Cross teams that are currently helping people affected by the recent Black Forest fire, as well as help be ready to respond to any other wildfires that may happen this year. Donations will also help make communities more prepared for wildfires that may come.

The Black Forest fire has been the most destructive in state history. The cost to date for fighting this fire is at 8.5 million dollars. With 509 homes lost and two people reported dead. Until the Black Forest fire this year, the worst recorded Colorado fire was the Waldo Canyon fire last year. The Waldo Canyon fire led to 353 million dollars in insurance claims, took two lives and 347 homes.

Remember to call during the Statewide Wildfire Fundraiser Thursday (June 20, 2013) between 4:30pm and 7:30pm CALL 1-877-667-6727