Time to clean out your unwanted stuff and make some extra money as the World's Largest Yard & Craft Sale is coming back to the Outlets at Loveland on Saturday, August 25th. Yes, I said CRAFT too, as crafters are invited and encouraged to set up shop and show the world what they can do. Reserve your booth space now by clicking HERE.

Every August, hundreds of Northern Coloradoans gather in the parking lots at the Outlets at Loveland to take part in the World's Largest Yard & Craft Sale. For a small fee, you will be able to purchase booth space to bring your garage sale items and crafts to the world. Lots of shoppers, sellers, businesses take part too. Plus food vendors and more.

  1. Save your unwanted items during spring cleaning.
  2. Mark Saturday, August 25th on your calendar.
  3. Purchase booth space by clicking here.
  4. Join us at the Outlets at Loveland on August 25th for the World's Largest Yard & Craft Sale.
  5. Make money selling the stuff you don't want anymore.
  6. Show the world how crafty you are & make a bunch of money.