And this is what it's all about. Ashley's students at Rocky that she worked with through Connections Club.

Connections Club Students RMHS

Pictured above are some students that Ashley would work with. She had an amazing time while being involved with Connections Club:

Connections Club is a social activities club for students with special needs and typical peers.  The goal of Connections Club is to develop friendships and foster inclusion. Our group meets during lunch once a week and attends extracurricular activities at RMHS.  We will go to sporting events, music concerts, dances and a few community events.  The activities are determined by the interest of the members and the availability of peers.

Connections Club with Ms. Amy

Ashley had aspirations of opening her own center one day, a center that pushed the special needs students harder, because in her words "they are all so much smarter than anyone gives them credit"

Connections Club Students RMHS

I am happy that they are already enjoying the bench, I hear Devon didn't want to leave the bench- That makes my heart smile.