I am an MMA junkie. I love watching UFC, Bellator and all the other MMA governing bodies. I have trained my grandson Zander to watch and to answer the question "When do you tap out?" with "NEVER!". While that response sounds good in the fight game it doesn't ring true in real life.

I have learned that sometimes you have to tap out. Some days you just have to step back and regroup and then come out fighting again stronger than before. We can learn from our mistakes and be better than before. How many times have you been working on something like trying to get a screw into it's hole and you just can't get it then you step away for a minute, come back and get it in on the first try? If you keep doing the same thing over and over you will get the same result. Don't be afraid to step away and regroup. It isn't quitting, it is getting better prepared to ultimately be victorious.