I came home to worst sight yesterday. I was zipping home after work yesterday to feed my ducks and get them some fresh water. I got home and went out to the backyard where we keep the duck hut, usually when I hit the deck, the ducks hear me and start quacking, but I heard nothing. I then walked closer and was horrified at what I found.

Sometime between 3 am and 10 am something jumped into my backyard and into the duck hut and murdered Spicy and Ducky. I only had the ducks for a few weeks but we grew rather attached to them. When you have a pet, you instantly love them as we did with these 2 little quackers. I was horrified to see the carnage. I was also scared to think of what kind of critters I have running around my neighborhood. I am afraid to let my pug out in the backyard unattended for fear something might think she is a snausage.

Be mindful of our wildlife out there if you have pets in your backyard. You never know what is running around your neighborhood. Make sure your fences are tight gang.