I have been called many things in my life but there is nothing I have been more honored to be called than "dad". You never forget the first time you hear that word and it just melts your heart. You are never the same again. You suddenly have purpose in life. You are now a teacher, a provider and a hero to this young miracle. My dad is still my hero. He is the example of what every man should be. He has taught me that how you make the people around you feel is perhaps the most important thing in life. He has taught me the way a man should love and respect a woman and how to be a father. I am so lucky to have had his example to learn from. I see traits of him in my children and how they treat people and it makes me so proud that his kindness has been passed down to another generation of our family. I am very fortunate that this Father's Day I get to spend it with my dad and my kids and grandchildren.There is nothing more I could ask for.

There have been many songs about fathers through the years in country music. I have picked a 6-pack to share with dad on Sunday. Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there and to all that have left us here with those wonderful memories. You can almost picture dad with the hood of the truck up and a ball game playing on staticy AM radio. We love you dads.

I try to come up with some new songs for dad but these keep coming back to me year after year. Here you go dads. These are for you.

Paul Overstreet's touching 'Seeing My Father in Me'

Brad Paisley hits home with 'He Didn't Have to Be'

Perhaps the greatest dad song from Conway 'That's My Job'

Holly Dunn's classic 'Daddy's Hands'

George Strait and his lesson learned from dad with 'Love Without End, Amen'

Alan Jackson conjures up some memories we can all relate to in 'Drive'