Wait... think about your answer, it may not be as simple as it seems.


My thoughts on social media are that it brings us closer together than we as humans have been in quite some time. Albeit we lack the more personal person to person touch, but honestly, we lost that years ago. Social Media has found a way to let us remain in our own little worlds, yet still come out and "play" from time to to time. I would also add, that because of my Social Media outlets I have had the chance to be there for people I have met in my life that matter as they go through tragedy, devastation, miracles and joy. These people I have met and know and care about, yet wouldn't normally-perhaps, be involved in the day to day events of their lives that make them tick or dim.

There are many who disagree and will go as far to say that although the numbers look as if we are growing closer, we couldn't be further apart (unless you count Helga whom you just 'met' in Hungary):

Using algorithms, Facebook debunked the "six-degrees of separation" theory, determining that we are now a mere 4.74 degrees away from another human anywhere on the planet. The findings were in research Facebook released that suggests the social network is bringing people closer together. But is that really what Facebook has done for us? Because while social-network connections have increased the numbers of names and faces in our arsenal, those connections are superficial and at times, not even people we know at all.

What say you? Do you feel closer to the people you know or just another number as someone tries to break 'friends' records on their Social Media page?