If you've ever lost your phone only to have someone return it, you are one of the lucky few, or are you? Is your phone password protected? Afraid your significant other might think you're hiding if you do? First off, you aren't alone, but when you hear this, you might have a change of heart.

It's likely, if you've lost a phone,  that the finder has been snooping around in your life. In fact in a recent study done by a security software company, 96% will try to access your device. 86% of lost cell phone finders will look through your phone contacts and apps. And only 50% of lost phone finders will try to reunite you with your phone. It's one thing to think about someone finding your phone and possibly returning it, but it turns all kinds of creepy thinking about them looking through your private information. And if you have lost a phone and are thinking about your information being scanned by who knows who, what about the pictures on your phone-everyone is completely clothed in all of them, right?!

Recommendations Consumers should take the following steps to ensure mobile devices and the personal information on the devices remains protected:

• Smartphone users should use the screen lock feature and make sure it is secured with a strong password or “draw to unlock” pattern. This is the most basic security precaution and requires minimal effort on the part of the user, yet can provide a critical barrier between personal information and a stranger.
• Consumers should use security software specifically designed for smartphones.
Such tools can stop hackers and prevent cybercriminals from stealing information or spying on users when using public networks. In addition it can often help locate a lost or stolen device and even remotely lock or wipe it.
• When out and about, users should make sure mobile devices remain nearby and never be left unattended, being mindful of where they put devices at all times. It is also a good idea to make sure they can differentiate their device from others that might be sitting in the immediate vicinity; adding distinguishing features such as a sticker or case may help.