This morning, the Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run, Inc. Board of Directors unanimously decided that 100% of money raised between today and the 'Summer Series' run on June 3oth will be donated to the High Park Fire cause.  {Official Cause: Lightning} What will it be used on or for?

At the time of this post almost 40,000 acres of pristine Rocky Mountain terrain will have been burned.  It goes without saying that many people are in need and so is the environment and considering the ride route for the 'Summer Series' run on June 30th goes right in the heart of this fire and affects many former, current and future Sleigh Riders it only made sense to help our own in some fashion.

{Alternate ride route already being planned}

All of us who ride and/or enjoy our mountains have a stake in this fire and our legal counsel, the Suhre Law Firm, couldn't agree more.

So what do we do with the money we are able to raise?

  1. Donate the funds to a local charity
  2. Use the money ourselves to replant a mountainside, build some fence etc.

I can't speak for the Board on their decision as of yet but I personally am leaning towards option #2 and have a big Sleigh Riders event in the future where we all meet and replant a Mountainside that we can all see years down the road as something the Sleigh Riders did for their community and can enjoy or forest once again.  How cool would it be in 10, 20 or 30 years to see a Mountainside that you as a Sleigh Rider replanted?  I don't want to influence anyone's decision so this is just me talking out loud at this point.

Please share this with all you know and keep in mind that since the Sleigh Riders are now a 501c3 charity any money you donate is 100% tax exempt. So if your a corporate CEO or just a ma and pa business, we will make sure your donation is well used and tax deductible!

In fact, as irony would have it, Dave Sanders who owns Blackhawk Maintenance in Greeley {long time Sleigh Rider} called me while I was doing this story and has already volunteered some money, time, trees {if we go that route} and staff.  THANK YOU DAVE!

So let us know what you think we should do with the donations raised.  All of you reading this right now are the best source of information so please leave a comment with your ideas or email me directly at  Lastly, please share this with any and all you know who might be willing to donate a tax deductible donation and I will keep everyone posted as things unfold and behalf of the Board of Directors, the Sleigh Riders and tree's everywhere...THANK YOU!

This was money we were going to use to have our website built but that can wait...people can't!

You can mail your donation to the Sleigh Riders: 5206 W. 27th St, Greeley CO, 80634 or 600 Main St., Windsor CO, 80550 or just drop by the K99 studios.