Well, the first Sleigh Riders Motorcycle 'Summer Series' Poker/Toy run for the most part was a great success.  We learned a few things for next summer but all in all everyone had a fantastic time and the weather was in favor for a great ride and fantastic day.

We all started the day at Greeley Harley Davidson and what a beautiful morning it was indeed. Everyone was in good spirits over coffee and breakfast and friends making new friends; that's what life is all about.

From there riders headed out to card stop #2 in Lyons at the The Outlaw Saloon. From there it was up to Estes Park to see Todd Harding and his lovely wife Jenny at the Grumpy Gringo and a bite to eat.  Stop #4 though was the talk of the day.  Beavers Den Leathers hosted this stop and easily the most beautiful stop of the day with their raging waterfall, live bands and BBQ but the highlight was the fact that you didn't "draw" your card, you shot it with a BB gun.  HOW COOL IS THAT! From there it was over Stove Prairie, down Rist Canyon and over Horsetooth to the final stop at Crazy Jacks.

The one thing I learned Saturday was Tom over at Crazy Jacks makes the best pulled pork sandwich and bbq sauce I have ever had...hands down.  {I ate 3 of them to make sure}

Live music from Psycho X and The Brethren Fast added to the fun and lots of prizes capped off a great day but it culminated with a tie for "best hand" with 4 Aces.  So, we sat the two down for one hand of 5 card draw for all the money. {Pic included}  And wouldn't you know it, the winner won with a pair off a wild card.  {6's were wild since the Sleigh Riders are in it's 6th year; wonder will be wild next year?}

Cash winners:

  • $1000 to Brenda Martin
  • $500 to Galen Parks
  • $250 to Christina Clark

Side note:  Brenda was so gracious she donated $500 back to the charity and Christina made the first official donation of a $100 to Journey 4 Justice.

After all expenses the charity made about $1000 and collected around 500 toys though I have not officially counted them yet but will do so once we deliver them to Santa Cops of Weld County later this week.

Also wanted to thank all our great sponsors one last time:

  • K99 Radio
  • MAX FM Radio
  • Jacks Auto Service Center
  • Greeley Harley Davidson
  • Qdoba
  • A Brush Above Painting
  • Inklings
  • Viktoria's Gems
  • Beavers Den Leathers
  • Trademark Imaging
  • Thunder Roads - Colorado
  • Crazy Jacks Saloon