Only in Colorado can you get all 4 seasons in one day and yesterday was one of those days for the Sleigh Riders 'Summer Series' Poker/Toy Run. Mother Nature however didn't stop hundreds of us from raising thousands of dollars. 

Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run

Well, it didn't snow but if the route yesterday took us any higher than Estes Park we very well could have seen some; it's Colorado. The Sleigh Riders started their Sunday at Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson with over 300 registering for the event including members of the Santa Cops of Larimer County program.

The ride took us down to Lyons and then up to Estes Park where it got a little bumpy.  OK, it got REAL bumpy with lighting cracks louder than any I have ever heard.  Rain so hard you couldn't see and then a bit of hail, you know, just for good measure.  It was a 1/2 hour of true mixed emotions.  Cursing for :15 seconds and then praising the rain for our dry mountains for :45 seconds.

Wild Irish Rose

The rain finally quit about Drake and then it was off through Eden Valley and into Masonville for our third stop at Nostalgic West Leather before heading out on Stove Prairie to Hwy 14 and down to our fourth stop at the Mishawaka for our famed 'bb gun' shoot. (Favorite stop of the day.) From the Mish it was off to The Boot Grill for the end party which was another epic fun occasion with live music, about $1000 in prizes and a couple tearful moments when we presented Colonel William R. Suhre - United States Army (Ret.) with a hand made, limited edition knife, for everything he has done for not only the Sleigh Riders but also Journey 4 Justice.

All in all in was a great day and not one complaint of all the rain and hail because we were all grateful to see the skies open up.  We hauled in hundreds of toys for Santa Cops and a grip of cash as well. If you'd like complete details on how much we raised you will soon be able to find that on our official FB page and our official website so give us a like if you haven't already.

Next up for the Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run will be our entry in the Greeley Stampede 4th of July Parade. If you would like to ride with us please visit the event page for more details (click here) and to let us know you are coming. There are some requirements for you to attend this event so please email me or visit the event page.