The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run have decided in light of the High Park Fire that the ride on June 30th will in fact move to the plan B route.  Due to information we have received we have decided that the original plan for the 30th would not be in the best interest of everyone involved but rest assured, the ride will still be mostly in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

After talking with some friends of mine who live in the High Park Fire area and know and see our firefighters everyday it was decided that we just move on to our alternate ride route.

Even if the fires are put out, roads opened and restrictions lifted I am told that many of the roads are in extremely bad shape.  On top of all this we decided that having 300-500 motorcycles in the area in the midst of all this was not going to help those who now have to piece their lives together by jamming up the roads with unnecessary traffic.

The Plan B Ride Route:  159 Miles

  • Thunder Mountain Harley/Loveland
  • Beavers Den Leather/Loveland
  • Eagle Grill/Longmont
  • The Outlaw Saloon/Lyons
  • The Boot Grill/Loveland

From Beavers Den we'll ride up to Estes, across Hwy 7 to Hwy 72 and through Ward and down Left Hand Canyon. Into Longmont for stop #3 and then back to Lyons on Hwy 66 for stop #4 and then up Hwy 36 back to Estes, down Hwy 34 to the Interstate and back up to the Boot Grill just off Crossroads.

This was the best route considering everything and all stops are right in/right out for everyone's safety.  Since Beavers Den Leather is the BB Gun stop and now the #2 stop we don't want to send to many bikes out at once to prevent a jam and keep bikes spread out so expect parking attendants to monitor departures.  Please try and park with your group at Thunder Mountain when you arrive for registration.

Haven't registered yet?  Click the big red link right below and you will be taken to where you need to be to register and for more information. Pre-registration will close at Midnight on the 29th.