The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run again placed twice in as many years with their entry in the Greeley Stampede Parade on July 4th. Not a bad showing in their first two years. 

Last year was the first time the Sleigh Riders put an entry into the Stampede Parade and their only goal was to have fun and hopefully raise some awareness.  The talk of any kind of recognition was never even considered or thought of.  A couple days after the 2012 parade, I was alerted to the fact that our entry places second right behind the Longhorns for "Crowd Favorite."

Talk about a surprise!

So we decided to have fun with it this year and we decided that in order to be crowd favorite we would probably have to double our numbers in 2013.  Although we didn't double our numbers, we did have more show up this year with around 45 motorcycles. Those in attendance were treated to breakfast along with juice and fresh coffee on the spot. The board of directors and volunteers went all out to keep the riders comfortable and happy.

So I'm not sure what happened to the Longhorns but they were not mentioned as winning in any category on the Greeley Stampede FB page but the Sleigh Riders did place again earning second best in the Novelty category. We'll take it and cherish it...till next year.  Who knows what we'll do next year but if the track record holds true, it will be our biggest entry yet.  Third time's a charm!

Again, thanks to all who showed up for our best showing yet.  I can't wait till next year and I hope to see you all back with a friend or three.

For complete parade results please click on the link below to visit the official Greeley Stampede FB page.