The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run is coming up on Sunday December 22nd but there is a hitch in our giddy up and we need your help and advice.  Please read on.
Two weeks ago, without warning or explanation, our usual end location pulled out of their sponsorship and said they would not be a part of the toy run this year.  Ultimately, we feel this is their loss and not ours so we wished them well and have moved on.

That brings us to the problem; a place in Greeley that can accommodate the needs of the toy run.  Venue's are very limited it seems that can hold 500 people, a band, food source and drinks.  We are kicking around one or two ideas but we want to ask what you think about ending the parade run in a different town.

There are several who are more than willing to host the event and all these places would put half, or more, riders back closer to home anyway so I feel it may be a benefit to start this year's run in Greeley and end it in Windsor or Loveland.  We are way behind the gun now so it's critical you cast a vote real quick on what you think is best.  The poll will be up for at least one week from today.

If you know a Sleigh Rider, please share this story with them so they can cast their vote as well.