We asked and you responded.  When should the Christmas run be held and what will be done with the extra money we raised back in June?

Although the margins were somewhat close, the decision has been made to hold this year's Christmas toy run as we have every year; the last Sunday before Christmas. The run this year will be on Sunday December 23rd and will leave from the John Elway dealership at Centerplace and 35th Ave.  Staging starts at 10AM and the ride will leave at Noon for Whiskey River.  Police escort, controlled intersections etc.

The second issue was the money we raised for the High Park Fire. You all voted on keeping the money to buy tree's and help replant a section of trees on behalf of Santa Cops.  We will get all the details worked out and will let you know.  We were informed by the Forest Service that decisions would not be made till probably after January.

We will get an event page for FB done this weekend so keep an eye out for new information as it becomes available.